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animatronic panda suit animatronic panda costume Animatronic panda 

New for Winter 2014

"Manchu" Panda replaces retired "Tofu" model


In addition to the animation which "Tofu" had (2 axis mouth action, individual ear twitch), "Manchu" also has 2-channel eye-blink.

Check out the YouTube animation demo

As soon as "Manchu Panda" earns his Bamboo with some gigs, we will post a record of his antics here!!
 Below are projects using the retired 4-channel panda which the 6-channel "Manchu" model above replaces    

  The smile here was done in Post

"Snizhna Panda"

Three Ads filmed in Kiev, Ukraine for our friends at:

Radioaktive Film

Videos in FLV Flash format

Animatronic Panda Costume


Bad Internet VS Good Internet

Click here for's
60 second MOV (9 megs)
Realistic Panda SuitTrained Panda 'Tofu' and other "Bad Internet" icons battle international star David Hasselhoff in a grudge match filmed in atmospheric Köln Germany. Click on pics to left for larger versions.
Stunt Panda Panda Actor

Check out the 30 second version here

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