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Veteran Bear Performer Matt Brady in
Bratislava, Slovakia for

 Constantin Film Produktion GmbH Munich

28meg Quicktime clip from the film
- big file: takes some time to load -

bear actor

"Burt the Bear" as "Papa Bear" in the German feature film comedy:


 teddybear suit


For Motion Theory of L.A., Matt created and performed multiple teddy bear suits in the O2 ‘Connections’ spot / VCCP UK

MOV 10m Video "Connections"
  Creating and performing characters,
Matt gets the job done!

Banana Splits
MOV 9m Video: "Sammy"

MOV 13m Video: "Roller Coaster"
  "Fleegle" actor in teaster videos for Warner Bros new version of the 60's show.
global warming polar bear

Poster Bear for the Indie film

"Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy"

"Frostbite" also makes an

appearance in the movie

Variety magazine
  Matt gets "ink" in Variety!


 tiger actor


 tony the tiger actor
  Realisticic Animal Imitation
& Mascot Character style performace

 panda performer

 lion performer



"Alex the Lion"
from "Madagascar"
for DreamWorks


running man actor

dog actor
  Corporate Mascots + a Veteran Actor
= a Top Notch Performance!


 dog puppeteer


 dog impersonator

Need a wacky Viral Video Mascot?
I can do that.

"BabbleDog" appearances - photo & video campaign for client of Scollon Productions



bear impersonator


cookie monster actor


"Boog the Bear" Sony Pictures "Open Season"


"Cookie Monster"

for Sesame Workshop

Padding around as the o' so Cool Cat:

The "Pink Panther" for the

Owens Corning "Quiet Down America Tour"

pink panther actor

Pink is the new



littlefoot actor

Another Easter at the White House!


The 2007 Egg Roll, playing

"LittleFoot" from

"The Land Before Time"


Cow mascot


Omega Farms mascot "Meg"

Brian Griffin suit performer




"Brian Griffin" from "Family Guy" 

Was that Shaken or Stirred?

"Yes, it was"

Teddy Ruxpin Actor "Teddy Ruxpin", the World's 1st animatronic toy makes a triumphant return at the NY International Toy Fair in February of 2006! Check out the official website for his new line of merchandise!   The
is Back!


The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" are Back in Action, coming live to a town near YOU! Also, watch for these heroes in a half-shell in their new movie!
 ninja turtle performer
  The NEW Turtles look Leaner & Meaner, but it's all in Good Fun


penguin suit actor

Fox News 3m50s Quicktime Video


Big (53meg) file- will take time to d/l!
Playing the Madagascar Penguin for DreamWorks' release of the film on DVD

Looking for a high-stepping turtle?

You've found one...

Let me kick your character into 3rd gear!


stunt manturtle actor
  Wire Flying & Stunt Characters


bear suit actor

"Burt the Bear"
Ursine Ambassador to Minnesota Tourism 2005
Check out the commercials!





veteran bugs actor


bugs bunny actor

"Bugs Bunny"

White House
Easter Egg Roll
& elsewhere




monster suit actor


creature suit actor
Scary & not so scary monsters!


"Connie and Flammy"


the "Asthma Creature"


Michelin Man Actor


Bibendum Actor

"Bib" aka
"The Michelin Man"

Challenge Bibendum
& elsewhere



astro boy actor


"Astro Boy"
for Bandai and Sony


2003 - 2004
  Astro Boy was the 1st ever Anime cartoon!


 dino suit actor


 Cheeseasaurus Rex Actor

Cheesasaurus Rex

Performing "C Rex" for Kraft Foods Special Events was a hoot!! :-)

Coca Cola Polar Bear Performer

 "Coca Cola Polar Bear"
World of Coke, Atlanta GA
  The best known polar bear mascot on the planet!

"Tom Cat"
of "Tom and Jerry"
Here & there
over the Years

tom and jerry actors
  Waay before "Itchy & Scratchy", there was...

SpongeBob and Patrick Performer

 "Patrick Starfish"
of "Spongebob Square Pants"

  Seeking a seasoned performer to bring your mascot to life?

 "Buddy the Chicken"
Tyson Foods, Inc.

"The Three Amigos"

Mascot Team Debut at the
Cleveland Browns

chicken suit actor

Yep- that is an inflatable
chicken suit

Who woudda thunk it?


dog suit performer

"Shaggy D"
BioMechanical Wonder Dog
NYC, Washington, DC
ShaggyD by Lip, Inc
ShaggyD Video
in Quicktime

"Blue" of "Blues Clues"
Fords' "Clue into Safety" shows
Multi-state mall Mini Tour 2002

blues clues actor
  Mall Tours, One Off's, we love what we do & it shows!
sylvester the cat actor


"Sylvester the Cat"
Monte Carlo 400 Richmond, VA
and elsewhere


  "Sly", my favorite Looney Toon

Scooby Doo
TV & elsewhere



scooby doo performer
A veteran in Improvisation for Live TV appearances

daren the lion actor

 "Daren the Lion"
D.A.R.E. America
Multistate Goodwill Ambassador


  Daren is one cool cat!


Clifford costume actor

"Clifford the Big Red Dog"


Big Red Dog Performer



Will do tricks for a laugh
  "Clifford" -
Canine Rock Star

Tho a bit tall for Cassie,
and bit short for Ord,
it's always a blast playing
Dragon Tales for PBS!

dragon tales performer

chester cheetah actor

"Chester Cheetah"

Frito Lay, Multistate


It ain't easy bein' cheesy

...but it's FUN!


Easton Events Company
MidAtlantic US



garfield suit actor
Mmmm, Lasagna


 energizer bunny actor


"EverReady Energizer Bunny"
World Cup Soccer, NY/NJ
He keeps Going and going and...

"Tux", the Linux Penguin
Linux World Expos NY/CA


tux the penguin performer
Freeze Model Mascot (aka Living Statue)
bear suit performer


 "Osmo the Bear"
The Whose There? Bears, NY
Multistate appearances
Wherefore art thou, Osmo?

 "Billy Biggles" (of KidSongs)
Camelot Licensing, NYC


 billy biggles actor

Trade Shows




 striker mascot actor


Mascot of the NY/NJ Games
World Cup Soccer, USA
World Cup USA was a blast- wish it lasted longer!

Steiff Teddy Bear
Vermont Teddy Bear Co. NYC


 steiff bear actor
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power panther performer  Bert and Ernie actor  

"Power Panther"


Sesame's "Bert" of "Bert & Ernie"

Over the Hedge costume actor  Rice Krispies character actor  

"RJ Racoon" from
"Over the Hedge"


"Pop" from
Rice Krispies

panda puppetter  penguin performer  

ZenSoy Panda


Discovery Kids'
"Paz the Penguin"

dragon performer  Bob the Builder actor  

"Ord the Dragon"
from "DragonTales"


"Bob the Builder"
for HIT Entertainment


olympic mascot

"Izzy" for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games (1994-1996)

Corporate Events touring Performer
for Easton Events
a division of United Media


1st International gig
by "Burtram" the Bear
Matt's photorealistic black bear visits
Vancouver, BC for GoldSeal Salmon


bear suit actor
More Burtram Bear (video link)
  See the "Bear Heist" TV spot
in QuickTime v5 format


Bugs Bunny Variety

More "Bugs Bunny" (in Variety)


bugs bunny performer
"Bugs" @
the Indy 500
  Veteran performer of National & International Scale Events

Whether you're shooting an Advert or hosting a themed event, try this veteran for character locomotion!

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