"Karluk" the Grizzly / Brown Bear

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 animatronic bear suit  animatronic bear costume

 animatronic bear puppet


When a six year old boy inadvertently locks himself in an old refrigerator, the bond of love between father and son is put to the ultimate test.

A film by
Jack Meggers & Diana Densmore
 animatronic bear performer

 animatronic bear actor


It was a delight to work with the talented team of this lovingly crafted short film.

animatronic bear animatronic grizzly
realistic grizzly bear suit realistic grizzly bear costume
trained grizzly bear grizzly bear impersonator

Karluk the Kodiak


With choice of animatronic
& non-animatronic heads.

Goldilocks photoplay courtesy of
Raven's Guild Photography


Still Photos of animatronic head
demo-ing facial expression

.7m QuickTime Video Demo


Still Photo Gallery - various poses

 bear costume bear suit


Welcome Back Spring, Sunnyville USA

Web Campaign for Lowes

Click for website

Click for clip from video capture (coming)


 Animatronic Bear  bear stuffies

National Geographic Television:
Hunter & Hunted: Death of the Bear Man

2007 recreation footage shot in Baltimore
2 min 3.5meg QuickTime video

Bear Costume

"Bears Training Camp" spots


(16 meg QuickTime) and

"Locker Room"

(20meg QuickTime)

Bear Impersonator

Grizzly vs Grizzly
(a double exposure)

Client: Circle R Media, Dallas, TX

(5.8meg QuickTime)

for CenturyBANK's
"Let Us Amaze You" campaign


Bear Puppeteer

Grizzly Bear Suit
  Simulated Grizzly bears by Animal Firm

* PLEASE NOTE * The below quad walking grizzly suit is not part of our owned inventory; we have conditional access to it by special arrangement. For US domestic, in-studio, non-impact clean/dry use only    

grizzly bear suit

kodiak bear suit


Quad Walking Grizzly Suit

(Not part of our owned inventory)

This quad suit was built strictly for working on all fours; it cannot be used upright walking on back legs. The facial expression is fixed in place (i.e. no jaw articulation).

Resembles our upright "Karluk" suit, but much huskier (special hire conditions).

2.6mg QT motion test video

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