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Please note: We are not a costume rental shop. Our SPFX bears come with their own trained puppeteers.
We will not hit you over the head with complicated usage fees, but we do insist on a deposit as below.

__________________Deposit Required

Deposit required prior to scheduling bears: 50% of estimated total invoice; remainder due at wrap. If booking is canceled prior to departure for job, half of deposit will be refunded & 25% will be retained by AnimatronicBear to account for work days lost. Deposit must be received & cleared in our local bank in advance of travel or hire cannot proceed.

__________________Hire Types

We base our rates on wear & tear factors and classify jobs in one of these categories:

 I)  Low Impact  Indoor activity where there is no physical impact with actors or objects
 II)  Medium Impact  Outdoor activity where there is some physical contact with actors / objects / water
 III)  High Impact ***  Any activity where there is physical contact with actors / objects / water

*** Definition of "High Impact" activity (which may result in excessive wear or damage to bear suits):

- Bear encounter re-enactment (ex. crawling/walking thru damp/ dirty/ rough areas, digging... these can damage entire suit)
- Bear wrestling (which can result in damage to fur body, costume head, support structure)
- Standing or walking in water (puddles, streams, rivers, etc).
- Walking on all fours / crawling on ground- this damages fur knees and damages the feet and claws.
- Anything involving fake blood or any simulation of fake blood (which may permanently mar or stain fur)
- Anything involving falls, tumbles, lunging to the ground or onto a victim (which can result in damage to body, head, supports)
- Anything involving blows to the bear head (which may damage mechanics / fiberglass underskull / ears / eyes / nose / teeth)
- Having to walk in costume more than 30 paces to camera location (this wears out bear feet & claws and stresses fur). Suiting up should always be at camera location on camera ready

"High Impact" hire rates will be determined on review of storyboards. We require Client to sign and return by mail the Terms of Hire document with deposit. If any costume components are damaged or destroyed in the course of the shoot because of activity not specifically agreed upon beforehand, Client will be responsible for these additional costs (parts costs are noted in contract).

Please do not engage us for hire if you do not agree to any of the above conditions of hire.

From Bermuda to Beijing to anywhere in the World, We're your Special Character Personality resource!
To insure we get your msg, please both Email and call 714.768.5809. Thank You!

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