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Presenting... "Shaggy D", BioMechanical WonderDog

animatronic dog dog impersonator performing dog

Through the technology of "terranomation", "Shaggy D" amazes & confounds!
Is he a robot? A dog in a costume?? It's anyones' guess!

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-- Video Clips --

NY Licensing Show 2005: 28m

Philly Dog Show 2006: 4m

DC Auto Show 2007: 19m . & . 16m

Christmas Commercial 2007
Sherwood Mall (2.6m AVI

DC Auto Show 08 (all 30 secs or less)
One -- Two -- Three -- Four -- Five

-- Still photos --

2007 DC Auto Show: Gallery

dog puppetanimatronic dog

....... Traditional Dog character costumes -------------------------------

dog suit

dog costume
 Great for speaking roles!
puppy costume

 Open faced dog suit
(with front stilts)

Rent above dog suit for use on your speaking or singing actor.

Upright dog mascot

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