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__________________Broadcast & Cable Commercials

Trust the Natives 10m mpg Nokian Tyres / Reload Film, Bucharest / Woodpecker Film, Helsinki (bear actor)
MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa, Sticks & Stones Productions, LA (bear actor)
Nature Quicktime 6meg, Circle R Media, Dallas TX (grizzly bear body puppeteer)
What would you do to get $686? .7m Quicktime, NFL Films, Phila PA (bear wrestling)
Sundance Channel spot Quicktime, Phasmatrope Studios, Philadelphia (bear suit talent)
Roundtable Pizza spot Quicktime, Prod: Japanese Monster, Los Angeles (bear talent)
Ice Fishing Quicktime, Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis, MN (bear performer)
Art Gallery Quicktime, Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis (bear impersonator)
Dancing Quicktime, Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis (bear body puppeteer)
Shopping Quicktime, Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis (bear suit actor)
Explore Minnesota Win avi 3m, Fox TV Minneapolis (bear body movement)
Snowboarding Quicktime, Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis (bear body performer)
Snowmobiling Quicktime, Colle+McVoy, Minneapolis (bear body actor)
Danger Bear Win mpg 10m, Big Robot Advertising, NYC (bear imitator & suit source)
Bearly There Quicktime, Piranha Pictures (bear suit supplier)
Taming the Bear Win avi, Curt & Hal, Centaur Creative, Boise (bear body actor)
Nature's Calling ESPN, New York (Grizzly bear performer- "Dave Bear")
Gold Seal Salmon "Bear Heist", Quicktime 1m, Canfisco, Vancouver BC (principal bear actor)
Scales of Justice Win avi- 4m, Radius Communications, Philadelphia (lion performer)
Kellogg's Corn Flakes "Taming the Savage Beast", (bear suit supplier)
Niece Lumber Win avi- 4m, "Contractor Bear", Radius Communications (bear skin performer)
City of Phila PSA for opening of skate rinks, (ice-skating panda bear actor & suit maker)
Harnas Beer for Graffiti Film, Warsaw, Poland (bear double / bear stand-in)

__________________Feature Film

Siegfried Constantin Film Produktion GmbH , Munich ("Papa Bear" body puppeteer)
Grizzly Park ScatterScream Productions, Marion, Virginia, USA (simulated Grizzly effects)

__________________Independent Film

Encounter Quicktime - Independent Producer, Edmonton, Alberta (bear impersonator)

__________________Industrial & Spec

Dorm Bears Burt as a sloppy college bruin for Reel Impact of St. Louis, MO
Garfield's Spaghetti O's Campbell's Soup, Industrial ("Garfield" suit body puppeteer)
Kid's 'Hare' Cuts Holiday Hair, Inc., Spec. (Win avi- 3.8m) (rabbit suit body puppeteer)
Nabisco, Honey Grahams "Granny Bear" Spec (bear actor & "pepperpot woman" voice talent)
Amos Mouse Mills Corp. Internal video & local spots (still) ("Amos" suit body puppeteer)

__________________Live Action Events

Kellogg's "Get in Step" press event, Grumman's Theater, Los Angeles (Tony the Tiger actor)
QVC Scooby Doo Hour QVC live show production, Chester, PA (Scooby Doo talent)
Washington DC Auto Show Entertainment (SPFX Character provider/ Animal Impersonator)
Behr Paint annual meetings in San Diego in 2002 & 2007 via Rick Doten Productions (bear)

__________________Still Photography/ Print Advertising

GyroGym Vogue Magazine print ad for Mary Howard Studio, NY (upside down bear) (awaiting stills)
Sunset Cottage Bear Tourists, Pigeon Forge TN still shoot, Accommodations by Sunset, (black bear)
Chicago Bears Training Camp, Still shoot, YES Prods / Glaceau Vitamin Water (grizzly performer) (awaiting stills)
Avanti Greetings by Simon Griffiths Photography Raleigh, NC (still) (bear body puppeteer)
Bear vs Bear Chess Match for Hyundai Elantra print ad for Team Halprin, Los Angeles (bear actor) (awaiting stills)

__________________National Touring

Dana & Rowdy musical stage shows ("Rowdy the Dog" performer)

__________________Mascot Resume

Mascot Matt's Visual Character Performing Credits

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