"Bruno" the Animatronic Juvenile Grizzly Bear

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Our most elaborate SPFX creature:
Brown Bear "Bruno"

...is full-on animatronic. "Bruno" takes 2 to 3 people- one inside the suit and 1 to 2 external puppeteers on radio transmitters- to operate all features in real-time. A crew of 2 (one inside, one on a single transmitter) can perform a reduced set of simultaneous expressions.

animatronic bear

"Bruno" represents an adolescent (sub-adult) grizzly.

His ears & nose wiggle, lips curl, eyes move & blink, mouth opens & closes via R/C.  For fluid, realistic expression of this complex animatronic suit, experienced R/C puppeteers are necessary. Our veteran bear actor works inside 'Bruno'.

As the Mighty Boosh Bear on YouTube

MV4 Video Demos: (large files- may take time to load)

animatronic grizzly animatronic bear suit animatronic bear costume
Bruno served as a mascot for Californias' "Stay Golden" energy & water conservation initiative. Check out a few YouTube videos -1- -2- -3-

Energy Upgrade California photos above courtesy of Photographer Andrew Abouna

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